About The Loved One

In 2009, Elvia Lahman and Hannah Metz founded The Loved One as a vintage wholesale business. Then, in 2010, the pair decided to expand into the lingerie business, and they designed a collection of vintage-inspired lingerie made from both new and recycled materials. They turned to Kickstarter to fund their new collection in August 2010, aiming to receive enough funding to have their collection ready to sell by the holiday season. In their collection, Elvia and Hannah intended to use one-of-a-kind fabrics to create unique pieces for buyers to enjoy. This initial collection was comprised of just four different panties and a single bra top, and they only had sizes small, medium, and large.

Even as many independent lingerie brands waned in the wake of the recession, The Loved One garnered attention for its unique designs and campaign video, which ultimately went viral. The pair ultimately received the funding that they needed in October 2010, and The Loved One’s lingerie collection began. Their first collection completely sold out, and they released their second collection, which featured cotton teddies, bloomers, more bras, and non-lingerie items. Eventually, the brand was featured on major sites like ModCloth, and it was featured on major websites and in fashion publications like Elle magazine.

After doing numerous pop up shops around New York and Los Angeles, The Loved One opened a brick-and-mortar store in 2011. The store was located in Pasadena, California, in a trendy, up-and-coming neighborhood. Their store featured a simple design with white walls, reclaimed wood décor, and flowers galore, and its low-key but classy design intended to highlight the different styles of clothing featured throughout the store. The store consistently received rave reviews from customers on websites such as Facebook and Yelp.

As the brand continued to grow until 2015, Lahman and Metz regularly released look books to hype their upcoming collections, and many of their items would sell quickly. They also expanded their brand to include reconstructed vintage clothing under a subset called “Made by TLO.” Additionally, in their boutique in Pasadena, the creators of The Loved One began to feature other designers that fit their general look and style.

Although the brand enjoyed great success, it closed the doors to its shop in Pasadena and shut down its online stores in 2015. Their final Instagram post appears to indicate that they held massive sales at the end of their run to get rid of as much merchandise as possible, and the creators appear to have moved onto other projects.