About The Loved One’s Pasadena Boutique

In 2009, Hannah Metz and Elvia Lahman founded The Loved One as a vintage wholesaler, but in 2010, the pair decided to pursue creating a line of vintage-inspired lingerie. According to the Lingerie Addict, 2010 was a prime year for new independent lingerie brands because many had gone out of business during the recession, but as the economy bounced back, demand rose again. The pair therefore started a Kickstarter campaign, offering vintage goodies in exchange for support. After their Kickstarter campaign went viral, the two reached their fundraising goal, and their first line of lingerie sold out. However, this first line was fairly limited, and the pair wanted to expand their business and create more extensive lines of clothing.

One of the major ways that Metz and Lahman expanded their business was by opening a brick-and-mortar store in 2011. Their online store had blossomed in the wake of the successful Kickstarter campaign, so The Loved One held pop-up shops in both Los Angeles and New York. The pop-ups were a roaring success, so Metz and Lahman decided to open a store in Old Town Pasadena on East Holly Street. Pasadena already had many vintage shops, antique malls, and even monthly flea markets, so adding a unique vintage shop with vintage-inspired lingerie would naturally appeal to local and visiting shoppers. Therefore, the pair chose a spot next to Lula Mae, a vintage-inspired gift boutique, and The Loved One’s boutique opened its doors in June 2011.

The store followed TLO’s signature style that Metz and Lahman established during their pop-up shops, featuring white walls, reclaimed wood, and flowers, and like the rest of their brand, the store quickly became a success. The store received great reviews on sites like Facebook and Yelp, and Metz and Lahman even released a line of reconstructed vintage items for the store, called “Made by TLO.” The Loved One’s store also featured other brands, such as Gelmart, making it a full-fledged vintage boutique.

Despite the brand’s initial success, the Loved One’s store closed at the end of 2014. Neither the brand nor its creators posted the exact reason why the store closed, but they announced the closure in December 2014 through a blog posted shared on their social media accounts. From then until the end of the month, The Loved One hosted farewell events and a major closing sale. TLO continued to have an active social media and online store presence until mid-2015.