About The Loved One Bow Tie

One of the most unique and best-selling items that The Loved One created was their bow ties. The Loved One’s bow ties were part of the “Made by TLO” collection, which mainly featured non-lingerie items like dresses made from repaired or recycled vintage materials. In this case, the bow ties were cut from vintage silks and rayons, which varied depending on what they had available. At any given time, The Loved One would offer bow ties ranging from basic blacks and pinks to bright patterns and plaids. Essentially, the patterns that The Loved One had in stock would depend on the fabrics that they had found and sought out.

Despite their unique fabrics and patterns, The Loved One’s bow ties were relatively standard in terms of their shape. They could be tied like a standard, tight bow tie for a more formal look, or they could be left down for something more flirty and feminine, making them almost unisex while being primarily marketed to women. The also featured an enclosure with three buttons, so wearers could keep their bow ties tight, or they could wear them loosely like a necklace.

This feminine, vintage-style bow tie became a hit among buyers and fashion bloggers alike. They appreciated the tie’s unique look as well as its marketing toward more female customers – a rarity when it comes to items like ascots and bow ties. Noelle’s Favorite Things, for example, lauded the bow ties as a fun, stylish accessory to pair with other vintage-style garments, noting that each tie was quite unique and all of them were made from a variety of different types of fabrics.

Like many of The Loved One’s other items, these bow ties are quite difficult to find for sale anywhere online. Because of their focus on lingerie – an item that’s rarely able to be re-sold online or in stores -, The Loved One’s goods are hard to find with just a simple internet search, and because they frequently sold out of popular products, you can rarely find TLO backstock in any of their various online retailers. While these bow ties were more easily made and able to be re-sold, you cannot find them nearly anywhere on the internet. Therefore, in order to find a bow tie made by The Loved One, you may need to rummage through racks at consignment stores or even vintage boutiques until you find one.