The Loved One began in 2009 as a vintage wholesale business by Hannah Metz and Elvia Lahman. After limited success in vintage wholesaling, the pair decided to pursue their dream – starting a line of vintage-inspired lingerie pieces. In 2010, the two designed a collection made from both new and recycled materials, and to get funding for their project, they turned to Kickstarter in August 2010. By October, they had exceeded their initial fundraising goal, and they released their first collection in time for the holidays. Because their Kickstarter video had gone so viral, The Loved One’s first limited collection sold out almost immediately, and they already began planning a second collection with cotton teddies, bloomers, bras, and other non-lingerie items.

After setting up online stores through sites like Etsy and pop up shops in New York and Los Angeles, The Loved One opened a boutique in Pasadena, California, in 2011. After the grand opening, the store continued to enjoy success both online and in person; The Loved One was even featured on notable websites like Elle and ModCloth. The Loved One’s boutique even became popular enough to feature other designers with similar styles, and it also featured a line of reconstructed vintage items called “Made by TLO.” The online shop also consistently featured amazing deals – especially as cyber Monday became increasingly popular in the early 2010s.

Though the brand enjoyed lots of initial success, its Pasadena shop closed its doors in 2014, and its online stores soon followed suit. We therefore created this website to honor this brand and inform other fans of vintage clothing and lingerie about it, so we are not the official website of The Loved One.

The Loved One’s Collections

The Loved One was best known for its collection of vintage-inspired lingerie. In 2010, creators Hannah Metz and Elvia Lahman pursued their lingerie designer dreams through a viral Kickstarter campaign, and their first collection of vintage-inspired lingerie quickly sold out. Therefore, for each season, The Loved One crafted look books filled with classics as well as other items that they added to their ever-expanding collections.

The Loved One’s lingerie collection featured looks ranging from old-school to classic to sexy. Some items, like the “How to Make a Doll” brassiere, look like something transported in from the mid-1900s, but others, like the “She Should Have Stayed in Bed Bralette,” have a more modern and updated look to them. Their most popular item, however, was the “Agony of Love” bloomers, which seamlessly combined vintage-style lace with a sexy, diamond cut. This item even became featured on Mod Cloth.

For their lingerie, each item came in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, and the site offered measurements to buyers to ensure that they purchased the correct size (returns were not allowed for obvious reasons). They also heavily advised buyers to be careful with the recycled materials found in each garment, suggesting they should only hand-wash them with a very gentle detergent.

After settling into its Holly Street boutique, The Loved One also made a collection called “Made by TLO.” This collection featured primarily non-lingerie made from repaired or recycled vintage garments or materials. Though this collection featured everything from dresses to shorts, it also featured one of The Loved One’s best-selling accessories, their bow ties. These feminine and stylish bow ties were crafted from recycled vintage fabrics and rayons, ranging in color from basic black to eye-popping patterns, and they also featured a three button enclosure, which enabled wearers to fasten it tightly or leave it hanging loosely like a necklace. Overall, The Loved One’s Made by TLO bow ties accurately represent how this particular collection took classic vintage items and looks and transformed them into something flirty and stylish for the modern woman.

Unfortunately, purchasing original items from The Loved One is a near-impossibility. Re-selling lingerie is both difficult and generally unwanted, and many of The Loved One’s other items were limited-release pieces. Therefore, you cannot find TLO items from a simple google search. However, items like brassieres, bow ties, and other non-underwear fare can possibly found at consignment boutiques or vintage shops, so you may be able to find an item if you spend a while rummaging through racks.

About the Creators of The Loved One

The creators of The Loved One, Elvia Lahman and Hannah Metz, met when working for American Apparel’s corporate headquarters. Elvia ran the vintage department, and Hannah was her assistant. Throughout their careers with American Apparel, Elvia and Hannah worked closely to curate the brand’s vintage collections, and they frequently spent time together digging through racks and taking trips out of state for various items. During their time at American Apparel, the two forged a close partnership, and Elvia mentored Hannah in the ways of vintage. Therefore, when Hannah moved to New York in 2009, the pair decided to maintain their successful partnership by starting a vintage wholesaling business, which eventually became The Loved One.

Though The Loved One went out of business in 2015, both Hannah and Elvia have continued to work with vintage fashion. Elvia continues to work as the Creative Director for the American Recycled Clothing Company, where she collaborates with major brands like Urban Outfitters to design items out of vintage garments and builds collections for flea markets like the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Hannah, on the other hand, has continued to pursue independent fashion design in New York City and has started her own brand, called H.K.M. The brand features loads of vintage or vintage-inspired designs, and many of her pieces are reconstructed or made from recycled fabrics. Though H.K.M. has not experienced the viral success that The Loved One did, it’s been featured in many online stores and boutiques.

About the Pasadena Store

After The Loved One’s meteoric rise and successful pop-ups in LA and New York, the creators and designers decided to open a brick-and-mortar store in 2011. The pair noticed a space available by a vintage gift boutique called Lula Mae and jumped on the location on Holly Street in Pasadena, California. They decided to open the store in Old Town Pasadena because the city already housed a number of vintage and antique stores and even held regular flea markets, so a vintage lingerie boutique would fit right in. In June 2011, The Loved One’s Holly Street store opened its doors to the public, featuring TLO’s signature style of simple walls with reclaimed wood and plenty of flowers, real and fake.

Like most of the brand’s other ventures, the shop quickly became a success. The Loved One added a collection of reconstructed vintage items, called “Made By TLO,” to feature in their physical store in addition to some online item. Additionally, as the brand grew, it began to feature other designers in the store. However, despite the store’s initial success, TLO’s Holly Street Store closed at the end of 2014.

About This Website

We are fans of fashion, indie brands, and vintage fashion, so we created this website in order to inform others like us about The Loved One. We are major fans of this brand for its awesome branding and marketing as well as its unique twist on vintage fashion, so we made this informative website to let others know about it. We are thus not the official website of The Loved One, and we are not officially affiliated with the brand or its creators in any way, shape, or form.

We wanted to tell others about The Loved One because we admire its marketing as well as its collections. When The Loved One launched its Kickstarter campaign in 2010, their campaign video quickly went viral, and once they exceeded their funding goals, The Loved One’s first lingerie collection sold out quickly. They continued to market their unique collections through look books and pop-up shops before they opened their own store in Pasadena, where they held a variety of events to promote their brand.

The Loved One also featured too many unique looks to count. TLO’s line of vintage lingerie put a fantastic modern twist on old fashioned bloomers and brassieres, and many of their other items featured vintage garments and materials in fresh ways. Through their original collection of old school but sexy lingerie and other items made from reconstructed vintage garments, Metz and Lahman created a wonderful collection of modern vintage fashion.