About the Women Behind The Loved One, Elvia Lahman and Hannah Metz

Elvia Lahman and Hannah Metz created The Loved One in 2009 as a vintage wholesale brand, but they then decided to pursue their dream of designing a line of vintage-inspired lingerie in 2010. They made a campaign on Kickstarter that went viral, and their first collection – comprised of only a couple of types of panties and a single bra – sold out quickly. Their online store grew in popularity, and they eventually opened a physical boutique in Old Town Pasadena in 2011. In addition to their lingerie, the pair also sold other vintage-inspired brands, vintage clothing, and a line called “Made by TLO,” which featured reconstructed items.

According to an interview with Bust, Elvia and Hannah met when they both worked for American Apparel’s headquarters. Elvia was the director of the vintage department, and Hannah was her assistant. To fulfill their roles, the two often worked closely to dig through vintage collections, even taking road trips out of state in search of particular items. In their roles at American Apparel, Hannah and Elvia forged a successful partnership, and Elvia became a mentor to Hannah in many ways. In 2009, Hannah moved to New York, so they began to wholesale vintage clothing in order to maintain their successful partnership. This vintage wholesale store eventually transformed into The Loved One.

The vintage fashionistas worked together on TLO until 2015, when the brand sold the remains of its collection. However, both Elvia and Hannah have continued to work with vintage fashion. Elvia lives in the Los Angeles metro area, and she has continued her work as the Creative Director for American Recycled Clothing Company. As the Creative Director, she collaborates with major brands like Urban Outfitters and Pacific Sun to create seasonal designs with vintage garments, and she builds monthly collections for the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Hannah has continued her career as an independent fashion designer in New York through her own brand, H.K.M.. She continues to work with vintage clothing, and most of her designs are reconstructed items or items made from recycled fabrics. Though this brand did not quite go viral like The Loved One did, she continues to be successful in her work, and H.K.M. is featured in stores – online and physical – such as American Two Shot, Ban.Do, Bell Jar, Cloak and Dagger, and Myrtle.