About the Loved One’s Lingerie Collection

The Loved One was most famous for its collection of vintage-inspired lingerie. In 2010, creators Hannah Metz and Elvia Lahman decided to pursue their lingerie designer dreams by starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund their very first line of lingerie looks. Their promo video went viral, and they received the funding that they needed to create their first collection. This initial collection quickly sold out, and The Loved One continued to grow as an independent lingerie brand.

For their lingerie collections, The Loved One frequently released look books styled by both Metz and Lahman. Though each series would vary from season to season, they maintained a relatively consistent vintage-like style, featuring both classic TLO pieces as well as new items that would vary from season to season.

The Loved One’s lingerie collection often featured classic looks like bralette tops, bloomers and panties, brassieres and corsets, and even the occasional specialty item. Though some items, like their “She Should Have Stayed in Bed Bralette,” have a very modern look to them, many of their bottoms and brassieres are distinctly vintage. The “How to Make a Doll” brassiere, for example, looks like something straight out of the mid-1900s. However, although some pieces had a more distinctly vintage look than others, many of them were constructed from a variety of recycled vintage garments, making each piece unique.

The Loved One’s most famous item from this collection was its “Agony of Love” bloomers. These sexy panties combined vintage lace with a modern, diamond cut to create an attractive silhouette. These panties became so popular that ModCloth constantly featured them on their site, and The Loved One’s online store frequently sold out of the item.

Each garment came in a standard sizing range of extra small to extra large, and the designers would measure their garments flat in order for buyers from other parts of the US (or the world) to get the clearest picture of whether the item they were buying would fit. For their intimate items, they did not accept returns for obvious reasons, so they posted measurements for each part of the garment. They also advised buyers to treat the vintage materials with love and care, advising buyers to hand wash each item gently.

Unfortunately, buying items from The Loved One’s lingerie collection remains quite difficult since buying them used is an often unwanted possibility. However, some of their brassieres may still be available at consignment shops.