About the Creators of Thelovedone.net

As fans of fashion, independent brands, and vintage style, we created thelovedone.net to inform others interested in vintage fashion about this awesome brand. We therefore are not the official website of The Loved One, and we are not officially affiliated with the brand or its creators in any way.

Though there are many independent vintage and lingerie brands in the fashion world, The Loved One stood out for its strong branding and unique approach to vintage fashion. The Loved One established itself as a unique brand through its Kickstarter campaign in 2010; TLO’s promo video for the campaign went viral, so not only did the brand meet its fundraising goals – it also became well known throughout the internet. The brand became so strong so quickly that their first collection of vintage lingerie sold out near-immediately, and creators Hannah Metz and Elvia Lahman started on their second collection shortly after.

As The Loved One grew, so did its unique approach to modernizing vintage fashion. TLO’s lingerie collection featured items corset-like brassieres to bloomers, designed to flatter and appeal to modern women looking for something chic and sexy. In addition to the brand’s extensive lingerie collection, The Loved One also made items from recycled vintage clothing, such as their vintage-cloth bow ties, and they even created a separate line, called “Made By TLO,” for vintage clothing items that they restored. Overall, through The Loved One, Metz and Lahman put their unique spin on the vintage fashion industry.